Sweaty Mommy Survival Guide Tip # 3: Fit In Fitness on the Practice Field

Sweaty Mommy Survival Guide Tip # 3: Fit In Fitness on the Practice Field


Don't let your next trip to your kids' fields go unused. Substitute that lawn chair for a jump rope, the soda for a water, and that desire to better yourself with pride that you did.  

 Erin jumping rope while at her kiddos sports practice.

Erin jumping rope while at her kiddos sports practice.

Pack light. You don't need to bring the whole gym out to the field, and you don't need to be overly complicated in your activity! Body weight exercises are great in these circumstances. Even better is downloading a Tabata app on your phone to really intensify the simple maneuvers that are best on the sidelines. My book, The 4x4 Diet, has a bunch of exercises that can be inserted into Tabata format. Start the timer on your app and get going. If you're not spent after a Tabata, you're doing it wrong :). Make sure to have plenty of water not only for yourself but you're guaranteed to have a kid who forgot theirs even after you reminded them about 10 times. Finally, I always pack my go to workout item; the jump rope. I believe everybody should get their 10k steps each day and I live by that myself too. I want to watch my kids' sports, but I can't just walk/run away from them! Jumping rope gets my legs and lungs burning and still allows me to catch all the action from the field.

Do it for you. This seems trivial, but it is essential. If you're doing workouts on the sidelines, there is a really good chance you'll be the only one. There may be people staring at you but what you are doing is for YOU, not them. Working out isn't only my job but the place I go to unwind and destress. Exercising has proven to be beneficial for people in more ways than helping you look good! As long as you keep in the front of your brain the true reasons why you stay healthy, then hopefully some of the embarrassment that you may feel will fade away, and you can get down to business! You never know, your actions could influence others and you'll get a new workout buddy.

The real deal: Don't fear the pee. Having kids has really messed with my bladder's ability to hold in pee and I know I'm not the only one! This tip has two parts, and both are equally important. One - wear black. It's my favorite color mainly because if I do pee, no one knows! Two - there is a product called Impressa made by Poise. I never leave home without them, and it truly has been a game changer. It has reduced my frustration to an absolute minimum, and I couldn't be happier!

Erin Oprea is a Celebrity Trainer, Author of The 4x4 Diet and Co-Founder of CitySTRONG, a traveling workout party that brings her fun and tough workouts all across North America. She lives in Nashville, TN chasing clients and kids all around town trying to desperately find time to work out for herself!



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